CX2158 Datasheet, CX2158 PDF, CX2158 Data sheet, CX2158 manual, CX2158 pdf, CX2158, datenblatt, Electronics CX2158, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. CX-2159 Clock - Caixing Electronic Co English Language Manual. I bought one of these clocks in Hong Kong and then found the only instructions I bought a Caixing CX-2158 led digital clock in Thailand and there aren't any instructions to operate it eg; set time alarm etc. Can you help.

Tired of waking up too late? The Caixing CX-2158 Digital LED Alarm Clock aides you to be on schedule. Packed with all the features you'd want in your. 1. CX- 2158. 1: SET, . Buy LED digital clock CX-2158 for 21.90 BGN through Vikiwat online store. . CX-2158, PDF, 383.19


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