Jensen ackles : 6 torrent

Nov 9, 2016 What happens when you give a Winchester too much espresso? Well, we're about to find out. In a new video from the Shaving People, Punting. Jan 9, 2017 The Supernatural star took to Instagram to reveal the very first photo of his newborn twin babies, which he and wife Danneel Harris welcomed. Nov 17, 2016 Supernatural is one of those rare TV shows that fans never have to worry about being cancelled. The producers, stars, network execs, and. Jan 9, 2017 On Monday, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles shared a precious black and white snap of himself lying on his back with a bottle in each hand.

Oct 5, 2016 Sam and Dean Winchester have a tricky relationship with their parents. The boys lost their mom as youngsters, which threw their.


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