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Dec 11, 2012 Also watch Slim Shady enjoy a breezy bicycle ride. the least Shady could do was stop by a trailer park for her "C'mon Let Me Ride" video. eminem ; . "C'mon Let Me Ride" is a song by American recording artist Skylar Grey, released December It samples the chorus of the 1978 hit song "Bicycle Race" by the British rock band Queen. "The video is a combined effort between director Isaac Rentz, me and Eminem, and we just wanted to make sure it was very clear that it's.

Dec 11, 2012 Skylar Grey and Eminem's "C'mon Let Me Ride" video premiered a pink bicycle with an ice-cream cone on the back of it and it's totally girly. C'mon Let Me Ride (Official Video). By Skylar Grey ft. Eminem. GIF. GIFs are currently unavailable for this video. Like. Add To Playlist. Add. Share. More Videos. Dec 11, 2012 Watch the euphemism-laden music video for "C'mon Let Me Ride" let me ride your bicycle / It's so fantastical, on your bicycle and Eminem. Skylar Grey, C'mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem Lyric Video. 03:48 Skylar Grey Video "C'mon Let Me Ride feat. Eminem Lyric Video" Skylar Grey, Final Warning. Nov 29, 2012 On Nov. 27, Skylar Grey (Holly Brook Hafermann) released an official lyric video for her song "C'mon Let Me Ride" featuring Eminem on her. Oct 31, 2012 The playful pop tune, which Grey calls "an X-rated kids' song," features Eminem singing a famous refrain: the hook of Queen's "Bicycle Race.. 11 . . Eminem. Don t Let Me Go feat. Adam Argyle Melanie C - mp3 , .


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