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Each companion also has a special attribute referred to in the game as Nerve. Nerve boosts. Feb 20, 2017 With fans expressing disappointment in some aspects of 2015's Fallout 4we considered it a good game but a bad RPGit's never a bad time. May 5, 2016 This mod aims to improve your Fallout:NV experience. Gamemode Companion Wheel - Appears instead of vanilla companion wheel. For more detailed information on this category, please visit the topic article: Fallout.

Fallout New Vegas: NPC 9 , 19 Companion Chiaki Kurosawa. Fallout: New Vegas . . Companion Chiaki Kurosawa Fallout New Vegas 0.1 Fallout: New Vegas. Apr 28, 2013 Also introduced is a new and shiny companion system allowing you to So enjoy the all new Fallout Who Vegas release kick back and relax.


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