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Sorry lyrics performed by Sweetbox: I never, I never Don't wanna make you sad I never Your smile's colored black I don't wanna break your heart again. Black Hole Sun () Soundgarden. Oct 5, 2016 Lyrics of EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT by Sweetbox: Everything's gonna be alright, I'd give my life to only see you breathe again.

Everything's gonna be alright (I'll wait a lifetime). I'd give my life to only see you breathe again. Hand in hand as we walk on the white sands. To hear your voice. Sweetbox Undo This Hurt Lyrics. Undo This Hurt lyrics performed by Sweetbox: You left me long ago It's time you let me go I just got out from under When I could breathe again. A black cloud seem to follow you. Undo this hurt, all the tears. - : Everything's Gonna Be Alright Sweetbox. To find a cure, just to bring you back again. Lyrics to 'Sorry' by Sweetbox. I never / I never / Don't Your smile is colored black. You don't need I don't wanna break your heart again. It's really hard to tell. - : What Can I Do Smokie. The music of the video game Final Fantasy X-2 was composed by Noriko Matsueda and . Both songs were sung by Jade Villalon from Sweetbox in the English version of the . Kumi also released her own English versions of the songs on her CD single Come with Me, with slightly different versions of the lyrics


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